About Me

My name is Ruth and I'm a writer. I love people-watching and trying to capture the emotion of a moment but most of all, I love the search for truth. I studied History at the University of Pittsburgh, worked briefly in the documentary film industry, and then in 2008, left the United States to teach English overseas. Since 2008, I've lived in six countries on three continents and that, I believe, is what gives me perspective in writing and in life. Writing helps me make sense of the world around me; it helps make tangible the rogue thoughts and ideas that run through my mind when I visit.

I've been a freelance writer since 2007. Past clients include travel services, online magazines, and feature-length documentaries. Since 2016, my focus has been on luxury travel, high-end boutique hotels, and motorcycle tours through Europe. I currently live in Germany and am the host of a travel podcast called, Uncovering Europe.